Early 20th century Three British Queens chocolate tin

Early 20th century Three British Queens chocolate tin

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W: 14cm (5.5")D: 4cm (1.6")L: 19.5cm (7.7")

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An increasingly rare antique c1910s CADBURY BROS LTD Royal commemorative ‘Three British Queens’ rectangular hinged-lid chocolate tin. The lid picture is ‘The Frugal Meal’ by equine painter, John Herring, although the side of the tin is labelled the evening meal. Clear base branding including the company’s recent appointment as Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacturers to Her Majesty Queen Mary (and the reminder they also served Her Majesties Queen Alexandra and Victoria who are illustrated alongside Queen Mary). The coronation of George V and Mary of Teck was in 1911, dating the tin to around that time. There are signs of appropriate ageing including light scratches and tarnish, as well as minor damage to the artwork. Overall condition is good, a scarce collectable tin that may appeal to collectors of antiques, tins, confectionery advertising and Royal memorabilia alike.

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