Vintage Tiffany Style Pendant Light Shade

Vintage Tiffany Style Pendant Light Shade

Code: 1456


H: 54cm (21.3")Di: 44cm (17.3")

£145.00 Approx $179.46, €168.41, £145

A beautiful Tiffany-style stained glass pendant light shade with a floral pattern. The light shade is made of several pieces of coloured glass that are arranged in a pattern of flowers. The glass is held together by soldered lead strips and is suspended from the ceiling by a chain.
The light shade is a beautiful and intricate piece of art with vibrant colours which make it very eye-catching. The light shade would be a stunning addition to any room, but it would be especially well-suited for a dining room or living room where the colours would add a touch of elegance and beauty.
Measurements include chain and ceiling rose.

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